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Tent Camping

Check out our USA Camping pages for great places to camp in the United States

Whether you are camping in a 20' x 20' family tent or a lightweight backpacking tent there is nothing like sleeping at ground level to get you close to nature. If you are just getting started at camping or even if you have been out before one of the best sources for information is the Boy Scout manual. Written for young men it is clear and easy to understand. The scout manual is filled with information on everything from basic camping skills to cooking over a open fire. Boy scouts do mostly tent camping so the book is really geared with that in mind. One of the most important parts is the outdoor code
As an American, I will do my best to -

  • Be clean in my outdoor manners
  • Be careful with fire
  • Be considerate in the outdoors, and
  • Be conservation minded.

Remember "take only photographs, leave only footprints".

Tent Maintenance
  • Never pack a tent for storage when it is wet.
  • If your tent requires seal sealer or water proofing, do so on a yearly basis.
  • Never oil or spray lubricants on the tent zipper.  This will cause it to pick up additional dirt and cause it to wear out faster.
  • Keep the tent zipper clean and dry.
  • If the zipper breaks, try the following before replacing it.
    • Move the sipper head all the way back to the starting position.  With your lineman pliers or any set of pliers, squeeze the sides of the zipper head to tighten it up.  Try not to tighten it so tight that the zipper head will not move.  This little trick has saved many tent zippers from being replaced.
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